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White Papers

Lift Van Evolution: Invention Driven By Imagination History of moving industry's practice of containerizing household goods for shipping via non traditional transportation methods.

A Case for Disclosure  Personal commentary suggesting that captains of the moving industry should consider using uniform performance indicators to define industry quality standards.

The Long and Winding Road: Automotive Fuel Economy and American Politics  Pietro Nivola of the Brookings Institute proposes a move towards a comprehensive carbon tax, which could reduce gasoline consumption more effectively and curtail carbon emissions from other, more damaging sources.

Moving Cost Estimate Comparison Tool – This Moving Cost Estimate Comparison Tool allows users to collect and record uniform service results supplied by prospective vendors to make more informed purchasing decisions before hiring a local or long distance household goods carrier, move broker, or third party move manager.  The chart uses uniform, measurable industry metrics to determine vendor quality – instead of loosely defined company standards, vague carrier awards, or subjective 'feel good' feedback ratings.




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