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  Whether it’s across the street or around the globe, the process of 'moving' in today’s topsy-turvy world can be an intensely personal, highly emotional, and psychologically upsetting experience.    Unfortunately most naive buyers searching for useful, pertinent information don’t know what “deliverables” they should be looking for…, or standards they should be using to […]



Movers will find it harder to access military installations»

According to an article in Defense One, Getting on a U.S. Military Base Will Now Include an FBI Background Check, employees of local moving and storage agents and independent household goods van operators and their hired crews will have a more difficult time when they try enter military installations to perform any type of move. Beginning […]


Moving industry rocked by resignations»

Within just weeks of the each other, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA) both announced that they would have to find a new captain to steer their respective transportation industry ships.   FMCSA is a separate administration within the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT).  AMSA is a […]


Movers heading toward the exit door»

That's it. Summer's over! The 2014 peak moving season unofficially ended at or about 5:00 pm EST on July 18th.  At least that's according to comparisons of the number of new visitor inquires to RELO Roundtable's Recruiters in the Moving & Storage, Transportation & Logistics Industry career resource pages in July compared to the same […]


Going someplace? PackPoint helps build your packing list»

PackPoint is a free new Android travel app that practically packs your bags for you. An iPhone version is scheduled for release in June, 2014. PackPoint helps organize what you need to pack in your briefcase, carry-on bag, luggage, or boxes based on length of travel, itinerary, weather at your destination(s), and any activities planned […]


DPS for Dummies»

Recently a colleague whom I respect immensely privately suggested I stop bashing DPS, the Department of Defense's (DOD) problem plagued procurement program which the United States Transportation Command (TRANSCOM) began using in 2008 to relocate military and government service members undergoing a permanent change of station (PCS) transfer worldwide.   TRANSCOM is one of DOD's […]


Have Truck – Will Move You»

Shortly after I posted Move over Uber, three visitors sent me a link to   Marketing itself as "your friend with a truck", NextMover is a relatively new California-based digital technology company that provides users with an application interface that aims to provide a cheaper alternative hyperlocal transportation service to traditional bricks and mortar moving […]


Movers finding Facebook filled with fiascoes»

There's an old English idiom that states “You can't judge a book by its cover”.   The expression suggests that reviewers shouldn't prejudge the value or worth of someone or something by an outward appearance alone.  According to the sage-old advice, everyone needs to take a deeper, closer look underneath the exterior facade to understand […]


U-Haul converts Walmart into self-storage facility»

U-Haul Co. of Arkansas has converted a former Walmart store into a self-storage facility in Pine Bluff, Ark. The 112,895 square feet of property on 10.95 acres has been rebranded as U-Haul Moving and Storage of Pine Bluff. In addition to self-storage, the location just off of Camden Road also offers the following services: After […]


Who will they blame?»

When I read Chuck White's SocialCafe post last week about base access issues, my back tensed and stomach soured.   Few can question that the recent deadly shooting incidents at Ft. Hood in Texas and Norfolk Navel Base in Virginia completely justify the heightened security crackdown on civilian access to U.S. military installations and government […]

Consumer Help has new look; old feel»

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has prepared for what promises to be a very challenging year for licensed household goods and personal property carriers and brokers by redesigning their consumer protection website at The new look is cleaner and simpler.   The visually attractive makeover, unfortunately, fails to address several issues that […]